May 6th 2016: Jessiko in Luxury China Beijing!
April 25th 2016: Jessiko in Geek Picnic Jerusalem!
March 11th 2016: Jessiko in Robot Museum, Suzhou, China!
June 13th 2015: Jessiko in Geek Picnic Moscow and Saint Petersburg!
February 14th 2015: Jessiko in Aquarium de Paris!
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Studio picture of Jessiko
This picture reveals details of current version of Jessiko.
Jessiko production
Hundreds of robots have already been manufactured at Robotswim.
2 robots in a tank
Integrated leds allow color changing according to situation.
Jessiko playing with childs
This photo, taken during the Inno-Robot summit, shows how childrens can be fascinated by a biomimicry robot.
Artistic photo
A artistic photo on which Jessiko is getting muddled with the photographer and sun glints.
Jessiko and its creator
Christophe Tiraby, designer of the first French robotic fish.
Jessiko in action
Jessiko's flexible fins are useful for fluent moves.
Robots being launched in water.
A new batch of robots are taking their first bath.
Innovation Award
Jessiko and its prize for winning the City of Paris Innovation Award 2009 (Piece of Eiffel Tower).
Testing Jessiko in a 200 liters fish tank.
First multicolor Jessiko squadron.
Jessiko V4 in its fishbowl...
Test in a swimming pool
Test of Jessiko in a pool by our robotics technician.
ROBOTIX'S festival
Jessiko V3 for show at the PASS ("Parc d'AventureS Scientifiques", Scientific adventures park) in Frameries, Belgium
Jessiko V3 seen from few angles

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