May 6th 2016: Jessiko in Luxury China Beijing!
April 25th 2016: Jessiko in Geek Picnic Jerusalem!
March 11th 2016: Jessiko in Robot Museum, Suzhou, China!
June 13th 2015: Jessiko in Geek Picnic Moscow and Saint Petersburg!
February 14th 2015: Jessiko in Aquarium de Paris!
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JESSIKO is an underwater robot which uses fins to move through the water.

The project started in 2005, when Christophe Tiraby, an engineer in the industry, confirmed the feasibility of a small robot fish with the ability to swim autonomously for hours.
Since then, several versions have been built, currently V5, the first series version manufactured for Yeosu World Expo.

JESSIKO is a highly sophisticated innovation with 3 international patents:

Schéma technique
  • With its 22cm length, it is one of the smallest robotic fishes in the world.
  • It is very easy to handle and can even go backwards.
  • It is designed to function in a school of fish.
  • Thanks to its design and changing colors, it can share emotions.
  • It can mimic living fih beahavior and even interact with people.

Jessiko won the Great Prize of Innovation of Paris City in Art Design category.

Grand Prix Innovation

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