May 6th 2016: Jessiko in Luxury China Beijing!
April 25th 2016: Jessiko in Geek Picnic Jerusalem!
March 11th 2016: Jessiko in Robot Museum, Suzhou, China!
June 13th 2015: Jessiko in Geek Picnic Moscow and Saint Petersburg!
February 14th 2015: Jessiko in Aquarium de Paris!
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Jessiko is a robot fish currently marketed at Events and for prestigious permanent decoration (Luxury hotels, commercial centers, museums, clubs, waiting rooms, headquarters?).

This video is an overview of its capabilities.
List of sequences:
1) Autonomous swimming in France pavilion - Yeosu World Expo (Korea) - May 2012
2) Shoal control by a diver in Aqua 92 diving center - Paris Area (France) - November 2014
3) School of robot fish in France pavilion - Yeosu World Expo (Korea) - August 2012
4) Show with Claire, the famous French mermaid performer in Aqua 92 diving center - Paris Area (France) - May 2015
5) Jessiko with embedded camera in Aquarium de Paris - Paris (France) - February 2015
6) Interaction with a living fish (Naso Vlamingii) in Marineland Antibes - French Riviera - August 2015
7) Interaction with a girl in Geek Picnic event - Saint Petersburg (Russia) - June 2015
8) Permanent installation in the Robot Museum - Suzhou (China) - January 2016

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Jessiko swimming in Ecovacs Museum in Suzhou (China)
A school of Jessikos swimming in their brand new fish tank in Suzhou (China).
Un banc de Jessikos en train de nager dans leur aquarium tout neuf เ Suzhou (Chine)
Incredible experience animal / robot in Marineland Antibes!
A living fish is buddy-buddy with Jessiko robot fishes during a test :)

The fish is a Naso Vlamingii. Biologists from Marineland think that it wants the robots to get rid of its parasits!

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Inside school of robot fish
Jessiko robot swimming with fishes in Aquarium de Paris - Inside view :)
Jessiko is an autonomous robot fish designed and manufactured in Paris. It is currently marketed at events and for prestige decoration (Luxury hotels, commercial centers, museums, clubs, waiting rooms, headquarters...).
It was exhibited from February 15th to March 1st in Aquarium de Paris.
The embedded camera on Jessiko is an EVO HD 1080.

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Credit Music: "Out of Step (stems)" by Ass Over Tea Kettle

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