May 6th 2016: Jessiko in Luxury China Beijing!
April 25th 2016: Jessiko in Geek Picnic Jerusalem!
March 11th 2016: Jessiko in Robot Museum, Suzhou, China!
June 13th 2015: Jessiko in Geek Picnic Moscow and Saint Petersburg!
February 14th 2015: Jessiko in Aquarium de Paris!
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Robotswim offers service agreements for industry and research laboratories

Robotswim Design

Specific skills:
  • Low consumption real time embedded systems
  • Underwater micro robotics
  • Real time underwater or aerial 3D localization systems
  • Underwater communication systems with high bandwidth (data, video...)
  • Induction charging
  • others...
Generic skills:
  • System architecture definition
  • Digital, microcontroller or analog electronics. USB interfacing. Very low consumption systems.
  • Embedded real time software
  • Interfacing software for PC/Smartphone/Tablet
  • Mechanics / Packaging : 3D Design, rapid prototyping, machining, molding. waterproof systems.
  • Integration / Prototyping / Tests
  • Small series industrialization

Robotswim Softwares

Software design:
  • Embedded software: Robotswim designs systems with microcontrollers in C + Assembler. We can optimize performance in terms of consumption, real time and costs.
  • PC software: For the command of systems with USB port, we develop thick clients to insure optimal performances. For Jessikommand, the application was developed in Java under Netbeans. Jessikommand uses also C++ libraries to speed up communications with the concentrator.
  • Webservices for access with web browser/smartphone/tablet: Robotswim also develops Webservices in applications for access from thin clients.
Developed projects:
  • Electronic board for fire safety system management
  • USB interface system for solenoid valve + PC software
  • Interfacing board for ARM processor (RTC, mains current/voltage measurement, watchdog, TIC, XBee…)
  • Design of laboratory equipment for a major company
  • Reconfigurable radio communication device with FPGA on USB3 port
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