May 6th 2016: Jessiko in Luxury China Beijing!
April 25th 2016: Jessiko in Geek Picnic Jerusalem!
March 11th 2016: Jessiko in Robot Museum, Suzhou, China!
June 13th 2015: Jessiko in Geek Picnic Moscow and Saint Petersburg!
February 14th 2015: Jessiko in Aquarium de Paris!
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Jessiko Fantasy

An extraordinary show for your event

A service for events, shows and commercial events exhibitors...
Jessiko Fantasy is an unique original performance.

A school of fish gliding in a fish tank and performing a colorful ballet for the pleasure of the viewers. From the joy of the youngest to the curiosity of the oldest, everyone is attracted, challenged and excited by Jessiko. Robotic fish fascinate, surprise us and awake our curiosity.

Different services that fit your needs:

Depending on your Event, Robotswim will offer you a turnkey solution including:

"Jessiko Cup"

Jessiko Cup

Jessiko Cup is a unique artificial life decoration designed to communicate emotions with its immaculate appearance.

It is based on gigantic 200 litre Champagne glasses which brighten up your space with their presence. This prestigious item is a perfect frame for Jessiko.

The basic package includes the installation of one or two glasses with 6 robots fish in each, the permanent presence of a technician and dismantling.

"Jessiko Hexa"

Jessiko Hexa

Jessiko Fantasy "Hexa" is an unique artificial life decoration allowing interaction between the public and the robots. Designed to communicate emotions, it attracts, challenges and enthuses people.

By offering an unforgetable experience, Jessiko Fantasy "Hexa" is an exceptional show for your event or commercial space.

It relies on a fully equipped and transportable 1300 litres tank that is optimised for events. It is accessible from 6 sides and fits in every kind of spaces.

The basic package includes tank setup, 10 fish permanently swimming 7h a day, technical support and dismantling.

Personalized offer


  • Extra presenters
  • Training of hostess + extra accessories « Jessiko Attractor »
  • Embedded HD vidéo camera under the robot
  • Increase of robots leds brightness (room enlighting)
  • Increase of swimming range up to 14h without intervention
  • Use of an existing tank (aquarium, fish pond, SPA, swimming pool…).
  • Specific behavior programming
  • Specific marking on robots (logo, short message…)
  • Design of a specific interface to your systems/equipments (Smartphone, Website…)
  • Etc. (including your ideas!)
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