Jessiko robot fish

JESSIKO is an underwater robot which uses fins to move through the water. The project started in 2005, when Christophe Tiraby, an engineer in the industry, confirmed the feasibility of a small robot fish with the ability to swim autonomously for hours. Since then, several versions have been built, currently V5, the first series version manufactured for Yeosu World Expo. JESSIKO is a highly sophisticated innovation with 3 international patents.

Small dimensions
Dimensions : 230 x 85 x 105 (mm)
Weight: 150g

Light effects
4 RGD LEDs for an amazing effect
at low light

Induction charging
Direct positionning on charger after swimming

Balancing and buoyancy
Rolling ajustment with sliding rail
Buoyancy ajustable to salinity

Swimming range
More than 9 hours continuous swimming without charging

3D navigation
2 fins for smooth swimming in all directions

Automatic unblocking
Forward swimming by flapping front fin in case of blocking situation

Optical localisation
Patented homing head system for locating beacons and other robots

Compatible with all types of liquids
Jessiko can swim in clear water, sea water, chlorine water...

Shoal swimming
Tested up to 50 robots in the same school

Jessikommand software
Creation of choreographies
Calibration and diagnosis

Connection with a smartphone
Wifi connection via optical beacons system


Jessiko Fantasy

A service for events, shows and commercial events exhibitors... Jessiko Fantasy is an unique original performance.

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Jessiko Live

A complete and permanent setup for public places (Luxury Hotels, commercial centers, waiting rooms, discos, Museums, ...)

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Jessiko for research

An advanced and original platform with cutting-edge technology.

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Optical communications

Robotswim uses optical systems to meet the needs of communication and localisation in aquatic environment.

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Specific developments

Robotswim offers service agreements for industry and research laboratories.

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